Vacationing in Greece

Everyone knows that luxury Greece vacations are extremely popular, and I wanted to find out why. While planning the vacation, I made sure to study almost every island and city in Greece, as I knew this would be the only time I would be travelling there. I wanted to choose the best location for myself.

Since I love history and architecture, I choose Volos as for my Greece luxury vacation. It isn’t small, being the 5th biggest city in all of Greece. However I was happy about this as I travelled there by myself, and wanted to meet new people to keep me company.

I had learned previously to arriving at Volos that it was a modern city built on the area of ancient cities of Iolkos, Demetrias and Pagasae. This was exciting for me as it felt as if I was a part of the culture the minute I first landed. The weather was not to hot which was nice during my Greece luxury vacation, however I travelled during May so that had probably something to do with it.

I got around the city mostly by bike. I am prolific biker, so it was not a problem for me. I still had enough energy to see the sights with full presence. I enjoyed the Archaeological site of Ancient Dimini the most. It was a Neolithic village that had been uncovered, viewing the preserved houses was amazing.

I had also mate a great girl during my luxury Greece vacation. We traded numbers and promised to keep in contact, I think that made the whole experience feel extra special.

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Grandpa’s Greek Island Vacation

The kids didn’t think I got out of the house enough. They worry I’m lonely and lack “mental stimulation.” So what do they do? They go behind my back and arrange a Greek Island vacation! At first, I was insulted. I have friends. I do the crossword puzzles and am capable of carrying on a relatively intelligent conversation. My  mind is far from turning into oatmeal.  I don’t bother them, so why are they sending me away with a bunch of strangers? A vacation in the Greek Islands kind of scared me a bit, but what could I do? It was all arranged.

That’s another thing I wondered about: How did they manage to make all the arrangements without my knowing? Better yet, how did they accomplish it with no screw-ups? The whole Greek Island vacation went off without a hitch. It was almost spooky. Then I found out that they booked the trip through this expert travel agency on the internet. These guys really know their stuff. Everything I needed was right there. Tickets, a limo driver who speaks English, ferry rides; the whole nine yards. Heck, if I had known about these travel guys, I’d have taken a Greek Islands vacation a long time ago.

Everybody on the cruise was close to my age–some even older, if you can imagine that. Plus, the activities were geared toward retirees, so everyone could participate. We visited Crete, Rhodes…and a few other islands that I can’t pronounce, let alone spell. But this Greek Islands vacation was the best thing for me, and I’ll tell you why. I met the loveliest woman. After my wife passed, I figured romance was over with. Boy, was I wrong! Without going into details, let me just say that I’m engaged to be married. And another thing, if your kids want to send you on a Greek Island vacation, GO!

One more thing: I’d like to thank these internet travel guys for their expertise in arranging an old man’s vacation. In had no idea what I’d been missing!

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All about our Vacation in Greece

For our 30th anniversary I knew I had definitely wanted to take my wife on a luxury Greece vacation. This was because she had been talking about going on one for the last five years, so surprising her with the tickets was the perfect idea. Needless to say, she was delighted.

I choose Larissa for our Greece luxury vacation, as after some research, I knew that it was quiet and relaxing, which is exactly what I wanted for the both of us. It is enriched in history, being one of the oldest settlements in Greece, but still appeared as a modern city. I think this is one of the reasons why we loved it so much for our luxury Greece vacation.

We rented a car during our trip and it was great. We choose to do this because we did not want to be bothered with waiting for buses, and I’m an excellent driver so it was no hassle finding our way around.


There were quite a few museums to choose from, but one that was on top of my list during our Greece luxury vacation was the Archaeological Museum of Larissa. This was because I knew it contained artifacts from the Neolithic age and I absolutely love learning about and seeing such items from ancient times.

My wife enjoyed seeing the Ancient Greek Theatre. However it is not open to the public, so we had to see it from along Elftheriou Venizelou Street, which was fine.

We definitely thoroughly enjoyed our luxury Greece vacation, and have decided to go back for our 35th anniversary.


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An Amazing Summer Greece Vacation


We had just graduated college and wanted to celebrate by taking a Greece luxury vacation. Now there were 9 of us all together, including two couples, so trying to decide on the perfect location to choose was not easy, but we managed it.


We choose Chania. It is on the north west of Crete and is a stunning port town. Not to lively for the couples, while still being exciting enough for the rest of us singletons.


Our luxury Greece vacation started of great. This was because when we first arrived at out apartments, we were delighted to see how stunning and clean they were.  Most of us got ready for the beach immediately, however some went to sleep, as they were tired from travelling. Chania is famous for its beautiful beaches and the weather was just perfect, not to hot but enough for me to get a tan.



Since the old town is centred around the harbour, there are lots of houses and alleys that have been rebuilt, but still standing for hundreds of years. I loved being able to see this as I had read so much about the articheture but it was very special to witness in real life. There were also little arts and crafts and souvenir shops that I made sure to buy gifts from, to take back home with me from my luxury Greece vacation.


I must be honest, throughout the trip the couples and the singles did spend a lot of time a part, but we made sure to reconnect to eat and do some activities. One of our favourites during our Greece luxury vacation was visiting the Archaeological Museum of Hania, as it houses the Archaeological Collection of the ciry with findings from ancient cities. I made sure to take lots of photographs, that’s for sure.

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A vacation in Greece

My girlfriend and I had the thought of taking luxury Greece vacations on our minds for the last few years. So when the time came that we could actually afford to go on a holiday, we choose Greece. We both love learning about history, so decided to choose Plaka, which is in Athens, for our Greece luxury vacation destination.

Plaka is known as the historic heart of Athens. When we first arrived we didn’t see much on our way travelling to our hotel from the metro as it was night time, so we made sure to get straight to bed and wake up early to go sightseeing as we wanted to get the most out of our luxury Greece vacation right from the beginning.

We learned quickly that the area was stunning, with its restored 19th century neoclassical homes, restaurants and shops. Might I add that I personally loved the food that was served at both our hotel and the cafes available, it was all absolutely delicious. This was extremely important to me, as I am fussy when it comes to eating different kinds of foods, so it made our Greece luxury vacation even better.

My wife made sure that we visited the Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments, as she loves music. It was interesting I have to admit to see the traditional Greek instruments, and really get a feel for the culture. Some of the shops were quite expensive and others were fairly priced, we shopped at both and brought gifts back home with us for our friends. It was great being able to take a little bit of our Greece luxury vacation home and sharing it.


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Our vacation in Greece

It was no secret to us that luxury Greece vacations are some of the best that can be taken. So for our family holiday we choose to go to Crete. Yes, all of us made the decision, however it was my wife that first brought up the idea and the fact that it was a very family friendly tourist destination made it appeal to us more.

When we first arrived we were delighted to see that our hotel was stunning. It has white washed walls, and not only that, but the beds were extremely comfortable also, which made us feel more comfortable during our family luxury Greece vacation.

We had lots of fun activities planned. However perhaps one of my favourites was going to Samaria National Park with my son. We were able to hike there, and it took us 6 hours. The reason only my son and I went was because you have to be very fit for the hike, and it isn’t for the faint hearted, but we loved every minute of it.

During our hike my wife had the two younger girls with her and took them shopping. They told us they visited some lovely boutiques in the upper and lower villages and even brought back some gifts to give to their friends when they returned home.

We did make sure to have family time that included everyone during our Greece luxury vacation. To do this we visited Samaria gorge, which is a national park, it was amazing as it enabled us to see lots of landscapes that are in Greece. There was also a lazy way that my wife and girls took to get of the walk quicker, but we expected that.

Overall our luxury Greece vacation was great, we had no complaints. My wife and I are even considering going back just the two of us for a romantic holiday.

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A Jewish Vacation in Greece

It might not see “kosher” to some, but my Shlomo and I decided to book a vacation in Greece. Just because things didn’t go so well between the the Jews and the Maccabees way back when, doesn’t mean it will be the same for Shlomo and me. Besides there is a lot of Jewish history in Greece. Oy!  Did you know the island of Evia has the oldest Jewish population?  What better way to learn about it all first hand by going on a Greece vacation, nu? Sure, some of our friends thought we are meshuggah but I say they are jealous.

When we decided to book our trip, we enlisted the services of the Greece vacation experts. We’ve been clients of theirs for years, and wouldn’t think of using any other agency. These people know travel like a child knows his mother. Even my son the doctor arranges his travel plans through these mensches. Anyway, as usual, the arrangements for our vacation in Greece were handled efficiently, professionally–and affordably! It’s so convenient to make travel plans online with these nice people. They ask a few question, we answer them and the next thing you know, boom! We’re all set! Luxury hotel reservations, limo service to and from the airport, transfers, tickets to the best Jewish sites, they take care of it all.

So, we get to Greece and begin our Greek vacation. We start in Athens with visiting two synagogues and a Jewish museum in the community of Thisseos. What a lovely place is Athens! Later in the week, we took a ferry to the island of Evia. This, to us, was the best part of our vacation in Greece. The people were lovely–and the scenery was absolutely stunning! Words cannot describe the beauty. And the hotel the Travel Experts chose for us was elegant.

Thank you again, for making our Greek vacation a wonderful thing!

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Our Father-son Vacation to Lemnos

We had been meaning to take a father-son trip for quite sometime. So when the opportunity arose, we both took it. My son is getting older now and will be going of to university soon, so this trip was important to the both of us. We decided on the Greek islands.

I had been on a Greek island holiday before, but this was over years ago, and I could not really remember it. This time around, I wanted it to be both fun and educational. We choose Lemnos for our Greek island holiday.

Famous for its fire god Hephaestus and the hero Philoctetes, there was no shortage on archaeological sites to explore. Some dated back to the paleolithic age, like the Hephaestia. However what made our Greek island vacation extremely remarkable was the museum in Myrina, it displayed the importance of its history and what it meant to Lemnos.

During our Greek island holiday we got around by minibus. They were extremely useful and cheap, at night we travelled in taxis. We also visited the castle of Myrina and it was stunning. The position of the castle also let us view surrounding islands, which was fantastic.

The islands main city has a different design to its rural villages, which I found interesting. The city has little mansion like buildings and the villages typically have stone cottages. Nevertheless they were as stunning as each other, and confirmed why we had made the right decision to have our father-son trip on a Greek island vacation.

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Group Getaway to Ikaria

My friends and I had just finished a hectic few months at work producing a very big project. So when the project was over and proved to be successful, we all decided that we deserved a Greek island vacation. This was a well deserved break, for all of the hard work we had done.

There were four of us, and we all mutually decided that Icaria would be the best destination for our Greek island holiday. We stayed at apartments. They had white washed walls, with twin beds in each room, which was perfect for us.

What is so interesting about Icaria is its name derives Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology. Evdilos and Oenoe are the historic capitals of the island, and we visited them both. They were breath taking. I made sure to take lots of photographs to show my family back home, letting them have a little experience of what a Greek island holiday is like.

We tried to explore as much of the island as we could, making sure we missed almost nothing during our Greek island vacation. My favorite restaurant out of the many we ate at was located in Raches village, down a small street that it could be easily missed. The food was delicious. All four of us made sure to try some of the cultural dishes.

The temperature was just perfect. However one of my friends said she would have preferred it hotter, but she likes to top up her tan, I’m more of a sight seeing girl.

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The visit to Zakynthos I will never forget

I had been on Greek island vacations in the past, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Every time I departed I always knew that I would be retuning to visit another island.
This time I choose Zakynthos for my Greek island vacation. I had been aware of the island for years, and it appealed to me because I knew it was outgoing as well as relaxing with lots of educational tourist attractions. That was important to me as what I love most about any trip away, not just Greek island vacations, is to learn something knew.
During my visit I was taught that the archaeological excavations Zakynthos was inhabited from the Neolithic Age. This was just the beginning for me of understanding the history of the island, and why it was treasured and kept so well maintaining its natural beauty.
I loved the beaches on the north and west coasts, as they seemed unique in their appearance being extremely mountainous, with often cliffs dropping down into the sea. However the beauty did not surprise me, as with the entire Greek island holidays I have been on the beaches are always spectacular.
I stayed in Zakynthos Town, which is the capital on the east coast. There were lots of shops that I enjoyed browsing, and even bought some gifts to take home, which is expect-able for anyone on a Greek island holiday.
The people where friendly and I even met a few friends that I am keeping in touch with, I may even be returning to the Greek islands with them in the future.
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